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revelations persona 
10:20pm 10/02/2009
  sorry if this isnt allowed, but there are 16 hours left on my auction for the original persona, incase anybody is interested:

Edge, for PC-98 
03:27pm 11/11/2008
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Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery 
02:28am 17/02/2008
Somebody please say they have played this game.

A short review and download links are here: Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery.

I remember playing this as a kid some 10 years ago, and never really getting very far. Well, I'm giving it another go and I've discovered quite a bit more. I released the monster in the underground cave tunnels, unlocked both safes, found the vault key, etc. I do remember there was a storm at some point, though I don't know which day it was. I'm thinking maybe the electricity is supposed to go out during the storm, because I see no other way of getting into the vault in the mobster's mansion, because an alarm goes off and Nick starts shooting me, and he's got a crazy far range so I've not been able to kill him.

Anyone have any ideas? There are literally no walkthroughs or hints anywhere for this game. A timeline of what sort of events happen on what days would be amazingly useful, as I'm in love with the story, but I'm afraid that even if I stay alive, I can miss important events so that the only way to win is to call a plane off the island.
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Earthworm Jim 3D A Walkthrough Question 
10:42am 07/01/2008
  I've almost finished Earthworm Jim 3D, even not almost, but completely finished. But there's besides some bonus mode which I still can't open. One should collect all the cow udders, (yeah, that's the main aim of the game) beat all the bosses and collect 1000 marbles to open it. In no way I can't complete the last task.

42,18 КБ

So, would you please help me to get all the marbles? For those ones who didn't play this awesome game I've made the description of the incomplete level and downloaded the game archive, so that you could play.

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UPD: I found that!

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Game download

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Grim Grimoire comming absurdly soon! 
11:58pm 24/06/2007
  Coming this week in America I believe:
I guess while they were translating the game, the art team got to work on another game so that they could use the Odin Sphere engine again before the PS2 dies. Grim Grimoire is apparently a side scrolling RTS game. Worth a shot. I can make an army of slimes so I'm good.

Forgot that I needed to post a quick warning up here incase anyone liked Odin Sphere (I know I did) and wanted to nab this one.
Venice Chronicles 
12:58am 14/06/2007
  Heya! I'm Tessa, and I'm an actress for an Obsure Game (I know how cool eh?).

Online there's an interesting Masquerade that's happening. It's called the 'Venice Chronicles'. It takes place in Venice, in no real time frame. There's an entire lore that surrounds the Venice Chronicles as well, and real actors that help guide the story.

It's a Flash based system, that incorporates a AI called Valentina inside. You can use the site to do regular chat, voice chat, and video chat. If you go into the "VIP clubs" you can have up to 5 people Video Chatting. Also it has an ability to do anonymous text messages, and phone calls through a system called JahJa.

Best way to describe it is a SubCulture - Social Network - RPG - with a romantic twist (Venice without a Romantic Twist wouldn't be Venice).

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But the easiest way to experience the Venice Chronicles is to check it out yourself. VeniceChronicles.com. Hope to see you guys there!
Twilight Syndrome 
02:04am 20/05/2007
  This is my first post here, and well...I'm actually quite surprised that there was a community dedicated to underrated and/or sleeper games like this (Clock Tower, my eternal obsession, being one of them!)...But in any case, it is a pleasure to meet you all. 

Hokay, back on topic. 

I am actually wondering if anyone has played the game series "Twilight Syndrome" for the PSX? It was made by Human Entertainment, the same company who made the game series "Clock Tower", though in Japan "Twilight Syndrome" actually got more popularity (with six games, drama CDs, and a movie, to boot). It's very cultural though, so I'm not surprised that it didn't make it into the states (it also includes an illicit affair with a teacher and student in one of the chapters of the first Twilight Syndrome game, "Twilight Syndrome: Tansakuhen", and I'm pretty sure that that wouldn't fly with the censors over here at the time...though Nolan and Jennifer's relationship in Clock Tower seemed to fly...hmmm...).

In the game, you play as three girls (or rather, one...the other two just kinda follow you around): Yukari, Mika, and Chisato. For the most part you guys just run around exploring rumors that you hear throughout your school and you go to different locations (like the park, for example) at night to investigate the truth behind them. It plays like a classic Japanese adventure game...in which you run around a lot and look at things, and pretty much let the game advance through text-based decisions that you make throughout the story, and depending on the choices you make you get certain 'endings' to each chapter. If you don't know Japanese you're pretty much SOL with this game since it's all pretty much text, but people who speak and read Japanese and like this sort of thing should have fun with it. 

It's sad though because I don't hear much about this game. I'm looking for the other four games in the series (I have Tansakuhen and Saikai at home), but I can't even seem to dig up the titles these games are so rare and obscure. Then again, Human only released one series in the states (Clock Tower), and even then the American versions were definitely flawed compared to their Japanese counterparts (all of which I own)...

I wish I could show you guys some screenshots or something, but...


But if anyone's into Japanese adventure games and likes the whole 'schoolgirls explore old spooky places' genre, you should definitely check this out.
Odin Sphere - Don't let it be obscure! 
08:23pm 27/04/2007
mood: excited
Hey there! Joined this group awhile ago. Haven't seen a post in it in awhile and whatnot. Regardless I've been meaning to post this for months:


For those of you that haven't heard yet (it's been slowly gaining media popularity. Penny Arcade just did a comic on it so it may hit mainstream.), Odin Sphere is the spiritual sequel to the Saturn RPG Princess Crown. It's a side-scrolling 2D action RPG with gorgeous high-res graphics that has been in development for a VERY long time (origionally intended to be released on Dreamcast!), possibly for almost 10 years!

I refuse to let a decade worth of hard work go to waste. Preorder Odin Sphere. I mean really, it's an Atlus game so chances of getting one without a preorder are kinda slim. Be on the safe side and do it.

I wrote some stuff on it in my LJ awhile back so you can look there for screens and info too:

Just trust me on this one guys. This game must be bought.

EDIT: The dubbing is sounding surprisingly good and we're promised SOUL EATING SHEEP TREES! Isn't THAT a selling point alone? YES I say! New trailers here:

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Persona 3 
01:46pm 14/12/2006
  I only played Persona 2 for a few days. I loved it, but the game was just a little too old school at the time. Still it was an awesome game. I hear tell that Persona 3 is coming out soon for the PS2. I hope it rocks. But... has anyoen heard anything about it? I would really hate to be disappointed by it the way I was with Star Ocean 3.  
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tales of phantasia figurine 
11:37pm 08/10/2006
  incase youre interested, im selling a figurine from an obscure game.

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12:23pm 12/06/2006
  can anyone tell me the names of some games?

the first is a very old gamboy game, which had snake like crafts fighting, and to win, you had to either trap your opponent's head for a few seconds, or completely surround their whole ship.

the second is a snes game, in which you play as a little girl carry a severed head, and the head can suck up enemies and power ups, and attach to walls and cielings using suction.
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07:06pm 09/04/2006

ok, this game is pretty amazing, and the religious theme only adds to that. i'm not quite sure why all the food has gone heathen, or why you're throwing wooden spoons(?) at them to drive out the demons, but i'd rather not question what i can only consider to be a gift.

up to four players, uses one controller, also has bible quizzes which require an external book. (the quizzes aren't necessary to win the game, they just give you bonus stars. unlike mario party, stars don't matter unless you want the consolation prize of having the most stars at the end. everybody knows you win for real-real when you get to the end first.)

what makes this game amazing is the food monsters. some you can kill with the spoon, some you have to use TNT on, the cruets you have to direct to a hole in the ground and then they explode into random food, the eggs are time bombs that shoot egg-shrapnel at you, there are weird stage traps like ketchup perpetually ketchupping fries and pastries throwing around HUGE knives, and some of the enemies run around like schizophorenic crackheads which up the screaming factor as you're running for the exit on the other side of the screen.

of course, by the time you get to the last few food-lands, you've been playing so long that you're ready to forefeit all your hotels and properites and go to bed, if you know that feeling.

anyway, that's my contribution. don't close the journal, thx. :>
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03:14pm 04/04/2006
mood: okay
I thought tokimeki memorial (for the SNES) was neat. It was never released to North America. There's a ps2 version of it too, but that never was released over here either.
03:01pm 01/04/2006
mood: blah
Hey everyone. It be I, the guy who made this community and has posted three times at the most. That last ad got me thinking, and I'd like to ask you all something: Should I delete this community?

I mostly created this community as a experiment way back when, and well, I'm too reclusive (and lazy, but yeah) to run a community, hence the information and layout that hasn't changed in four years. I'm genuinely surprised at the number of members: Just thought to check the community info, shows how much effort I put into this :-P But anyway, this place seems pretty dead. There's the odd question, but most of the content seems to be heads-ups from StriderHLC and people shilling their wares, something I can't say i'm happy with seeing on my friends list. So if anyone's interested enough to comment, what do you think? would anyone miss this unremarkable forum, any ideas on how to spruce it up if enough people want it to stay, etc. Figured I'd ask you guys before I arbitrarily did something :-P

And to stay on topic, I'd like to recommend a SNES game called Zig Zag Cat. It's basically an arkanoid knock-off, and a hard one without save states, since the uneven terrain often makes the ball (which is apparently the pokemon-style hero's cat) fly straight down. However, there's some interesting power-ups, like enlarging the ball or one that makes it fly only in gentle curves when you hold R, and it's freaking WEIRD: I can't read Japanese, but the villains seem to be three Japanese guys who remind me of the ones from "YATTA!", judging by their ominous theme song and how they continually show up to (literally) scream at you. Not the greatest game, but weird enough to be worth a look.
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Twin Seeds FTW 
10:02pm 16/03/2006
  Twin Seeds is an imressively polished 2D shooter from my favorite island nation. It's impressivley clean graphically- it looks good and runs at a solid 50-60 FPS even on my occasionally-questionable laptop. Even more impressive is the fact that it's 100% freeware- the whole six-stage game.

The game itself is pretty standard curtain-fire fare, with an additional bomb/scoring system based on "scratching" enemy bullets. As enemy bullets pass near you, they generate shots back at the originating enemy, fill up your "bomb" meters, and give you points. Every N scratches (where N is a function of difficulty), all bullets near you are destroyed in a "scratch power release", turning into point items. Likewise, as implied above- instead of being items, bombs are granted to you as you scratch enemy bullets.

The graphics, as I said above, are really pretty impressive. Sound is pretty good as well, and features some of the most inappropriate public-domain music selections I've seen recently. Just in case, you know, you wanted to battle some sort of tibetan monk to the opening theme to The Nutcracker Suite.

Anyway, the download isn't too big if you're on broadband; I was very positively impressed by the game and strongly reccomend giving it a try if you're at all interested.

- HC
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12:47pm 04/03/2006

Altus is finally bringing some of the Super Robot Wars games to the US- this is a long-running series of mech strategy games (turn-based) that have traditionally included robots from a bunch of different series... The extended Gundam universe and Go Nagai's super robot series (the Mazinger set, Getter Robo, etc), and as the series has progressed, it has incorporated more liscences including Moblie Battleship Nadesico, Macross, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, along with adding their own original characters. The "crossover" nature of the series has traditionally kept it out of the states, where tracking down the rights to the series represented would be an expensive quagmire. The Original Generation games, however, use only original characters- and apparently Atlus has decided to localize them for the US.

Both games run on the Game Boy Advance.

- HC
I totally forgot I had this group on my list. That's what happens when you never check LJ ever. 
10:29pm 31/01/2006
  Does anyone. Anyone remember Sword of Hope for the original gameboy?  
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10:57pm 31/01/2006
  I don't know exactly how this one slipped past me when it happened a year or two ago, but the classic PC shooter Tyrian has been released as freeware.

It includes episodes 4 and the short but sweet episode 5. All in all it's pretty cool.

- HC

EDIT: I didn't have trouble running it, sans sound, under Win 2k; I've heard reports to the effect that people have had trouble running it under XP. You may need DosBOX (available at the same link), a DOS emulator, to run under XP.
Chuck Norris is nothing. 
10:52pm 19/01/2006
  "Bow down, feeble munchkins... For you are about to meet a God. Though a man of flesh and blood, he is a warrior who knows no bounds. His skill is unsurpassed. He is both feared and admired by allies and enemies alike. His defense of justice, and all that is good and Sega-like, is merciless."
- Swirlvision

good night,
sweet mascot,
and may flights of opa-opa sing thee to thy rest.

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FS: Modded Orange Gamecube 
12:35am 30/12/2005
  I'm selling my Orange (spice) Nintendo Gamecube with mod switch. And since this is going to be x-posted, I'll put the rest behind the LJ-cut.

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